Friday, January 13, 2017

Grandpa the Tortoise Turning 106 Years Old!

In a past blog post, I talked about my oldest living client, Grandpa the Giant Tortoise. (Click Here to Read Grandpa's Story).

I recently checked in with Grandpa with his person, Carolyn. When the subject of Grandpa came up during her consultation, Carolyn exclaimed, "I can't believe Grandpa is turning 106 years old soon. I have to admit, it's pretty amazing that he's been alive for over a century and still going strong. I bet he'll out live me for sure!"

Grandpa the Giant Tortoise enjoying a succulent 

I asked Carolyn how Grandpa's hibernation was going since reptiles hibernate during the colder months of the year.

Carolyn replied, "I recently learned that Grandpa is in brumation, not hibernation."

"Brumation?" I inquired. What's that? I've never heard the term."

Carolyn explained, "It turns out that reptiles, like Grandpa, brumate while mammals hibernate. A brumating reptile can be lethargic and may move around a bit. A mammal, like a chipmunk, will sleep without interruption."

"Is Grandpa brumating behind the toilet like he's done in previous years," I asked.

"No. I decided to put Grandpa in a shoebox in the garage because flushing the toilet was disturbing him. "

Grandpa communicated to me that he was happy with Carolyn's decision to put him in the garage. He mused, "I'm enjoying my brumation in my shoebox without the whoosh of the flushing toilet. It's peaceful and quiet."

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Animal Communicator Helps Rabbit Die with Dignity

When my long-time client, Connie called me, I could hear in her voice that something was up and it didn't sound like it was good news. Through her tears, Connie explained that her rabbit, Carter, wasn't doing well due to his severe arthritis and several bulging discs. Despite her best efforts to keep Carter comfortable and happy, he could no longer hop because he had just lost control over his back legs.

Connie needed me to ask Carter if he was ready to transition and if she could assist him at home with euthanasia. She confessed, "It's so hard watching him struggle. I can't let him live like this. And he's just getting worse."

When I "tuned in" to Carter telepathically, I immediately felt severe pain radiating throughout his body. I also sensed he felt disoriented, nauseated and dizzy.*

Carter communicated, "As much as I never want to leave my body, my body can no longer support my Spirit. I know it's my time. I'm a bunny and I need to hop. Please let Connie know that it's ok to assist me and that I love her very much."

When I shared Carter's answer with Connie, she said, "As much as I don't want to say "goodbye" to him, I'm relieved by your answer. Thank you for validating what I'm feeling. Knowing this takes a huge burden off my shoulders. I'll call the vet as soon as we hang up."

I asked Connie to let me know when the veterinarian was coming to her home so I could tell Carter and offer him Reiki to ease his transition.

Later that afternoon, I received the following from Connie, "The vet is coming tonight around 6:30 or 7. Would you like me to let you know just before we give him the sedative if I can remember?"

Carter the day he went home to Spirit
I replied, "Not necessary. Focus on Carter and all your love for each other. He says he's grateful for his happy life and the amazing gift you're about to give him--freedom from his suffering. Sending both of you big hugs and lots of love."

After Carter was euthanized, Connie wrote, "The vet came over and Carter went to sleep peacefully. I sat with him on the couch for 3 hours and petted him and gave him treats. Thank you so much for giving me the confirmation and support that it was the right decision and right time. It made it so much easier for me to let him go. 🐰🙏"

I responded, "I'm honored to help you both. Carter says his Spirit is now soaring with the Angels and is free from suffering. He'll see you in your dreams. My heartfelt condolences. 💖"

A couple of days after euthanizing Carter, I received a distressed called from Connie. She was crying, "I'm haunted by the thought that I didn't euthanize Carter soon enough. I'm worried that I prolonged his suffering. How could I have waited so long? Why didn't I reach out to you as soon as I recognized how quickly his health had declined. I feel guilty that I continued his treatments that required long drives in the car. What was I thinking"

When I communicated with Carter about Connie's concerned, he replied, "Tell her that she didn't wait too long to euthanize me. I wasn't ready to transition until the day before she called you. A part of me was hopeful that I would get better. Once I lost my ability to hop, I knew my quality of life was gone. The thought of living without hopping was too much to bear. Now I am free of my suffering."

When I conveyed Carter's message to Connie, she felt a huge sense of relief. She promised to no longer focus on the notion that she kept him alive too long. Instead, Connie promised to celebrate Carter's amazing life by creating an altar in his memory. 

One of the most important aspects of my Animal Communication practice is my ability to ask your pets if it's their time to transition home to Spirit. I can also communicate with them after they have died. 

By giving your animal a "voice," you can find how they want to transition. When you elicit your animal's feelings regarding their death, you to work in partnership with them instead of feeling like you're playing "God." By doing so can bring you tremendous solace during a difficult time because it feels a lot better having your animal's input and perspectives, given you may be making one of the most difficult decisions in your lifetime.

Once your pet has transitioned, I can also communicate with them like I did with Carter. While it's never easy to say, "goodbye" to a beloved animal companion, I can help ease your pain and suffering with your pet's help along with offering you Pet Loss and Grief Support.

*Please Note: I'm not a veterinarian and do not diagnose animals. However, I can relate any feelings and sensations your pet relates to me to you. If you feel your animal is not well, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Is Your Pet Stressed? How To Recognize Stress In Your Pet

Stress in pets is more common than you may realize.

The good news is there is a lot you can do to reduce your pet's stress.

Stress has become an accepted part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not. The holiday season can be a time of joy and it can increase feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Your animal family can experience stress and anxiety more often than you may realize. Stress, if left unchecked, can negatively impact your pet's behavior, health and overall quality of life. 

My dog Bodhi demonstrates 2 signs of stress:
lip licking and yawning

Animals prefer to live in a peaceful, calm environments. Given the choice, healthy pets will remove themselves from the source of their anxiety, like moving to another room, hiding in a closet or going outside. If your pet feels unheard, it’s possible that she will act out on her anxiety by chewing paws or growling.

If you are feeling anxious, there is a good likelihood your pet will take on your stressful feelings to help you feel better. Why? Pets are incredibly sensitive to the energy in their environment whether it's joy, peace, anxiety or stress. Plus they don't like it when their humans suffer.

As a pet parent, it’s important to figure out why your pet feels stressed-out. Then it's up to you to provide your animal family with balanced and peaceful solutions like daily exercise, socialization, and play. 

When an animal's early warning signs of stress are ignored or missed, some animals become frustrated which may lead to growling or even worse, biting. Of course, most pets prefer your guidance and help long before they hit their "breaking point."

Animals use a variety of physical gestures or body language to communicate stress and anxiety. 

11 Signs of Stress in Pets:

  1. Excessive panting, even when it's not hot;
  2. Tail between hind legs;
  3. Excessive whining or other types of vocalization;
  4. Constant lip licking and/or excessive yawning;
  5. Excessive scratching, paw licking/sucking and over-grooming;
  6. Restless pacing and can't settle down;
  7. Hiding behind and under furniture or in closets;
  8. Decreased appetite, or refusal to eat their food especially special treats;
  9. Peeing/pooping in irregular locations like in the house or out of the litter box;
  10. Clingy and not wanting to leave your side or lap;
  11. Excessive Shedding.
If your pet is exhibiting any of the above physical gestures including stress colitis, contact your veterinarian to make sure your pet isn't ill.

Experiencing stress and anxiety doesn't feel good to pets, so it's best to alleviate the cause of their stress as soon as you can. It's up to you to learn how to read your animal companion's body language to determine your pet's state of mind. me

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Pet's Stress:

  • Regular exercise and play can help your pet release excess energy and stress. These daily rituals also build confidence in your pet. Walking and playing with your animal family is a great way to reduce stress for you, too.
  • Animals do understand the reasons behind their behaviors. Like humans, animals appreciate it when they feel heard and validated. If you feel your pet is stressed, but not sure why, then contact an Animal Communicator like me, so I can give you insight as to the source of your pet's stress and how best to alleviate it. 
  • Animal Reiki naturally alleviates stress in animals. An Animal Reiki treatment gently releases energetic blockages and imbalances while your pet is in a deep, relaxed space. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Scientific Study Proves Dogs Know What Humans Are Telling Them

As an Animal Communicator, my practice is based on the knowledge that animals understand humans' words and intonations.  It's validating when science validates what I've intuitively known. 

The Family Dog Project. located in Budapest, Hungary recently released a scientific study that shows how a dog's brain responds to human speech and understand what the tone of your voice is communicating.

Scientists used dogs trained to lie still in a MRI machine so their brains could be studied while responding to human words and the intonation of those words. The study concluded that dogs and humans use the same part of the brain to process speech and speech recognition.

According to Science News, "Dogs process speech much like people do, a new study finds. Meaningful words like “good boy” activate the left side of a dog’s brain regardless of the tone of voice used, while a region on the right side of the brain responds to intonation."

This video from the Family Dog Project explains how dogs respond to human speech and speech recognition.

The scientists behind this study also conclude that other animals, like cats, understand humans in the same way as dogs do. 

So the next time you strike up a conversation with your pets, keep in mind that they know what you are saying and understand what the tone of your voice is conveying.  

Friday, October 7, 2016

Miracle Siamese Cat Returns After Disappearing for 12 Days

It still feels surreal, and a lot like a miracle, that my 15 year old Siamese cat, Elvis, vanished into thin air a few weeks ago, only to return inexplicably 12 days later. One minute he was in the house, and the next minute, Elvis had left the building. This was odd, given that Elvis is an indoor-only cat.

The day before he disappeared, Elvis communicated telepathically that he “would be leaving me soon.” I was startled and concerned. Leaving me? What was Elvis talking about? Unfortunately, he didn’t elaborate.

I wasn’t sensing that Elvis was ready to transition, although he hadn’t been feeling well recently, due to a spate of vomiting up hairballs. In an ongoing effort to keep the formation of hairballs to a minimum, I brush his beautiful, medium dense coat daily. In all other aspects of his health, he seemed fine. I told Elvis he was going to be fine, kissed his adorable face, and went on with my day, pushing his cryptic message out of my mind.
The next morning, Elvis and his kitty sister, Mona Marie, ate their breakfast and then headed off for their morning nap. I went on with my day, which included going out for a couple of hours, returning a little after noon. When I walked in the front door, I didn’t see either cat, which was not unusual, since Mona and Elvis love to catnap.

In the late afternoon, my dog, Bodhi Bear and I went out for an event. Upon our return, Mona was sitting on her cat tree demanding supper. Elvis was a no show, which at the time, didn’t strike me as odd, because he sometimes waits until I’m ready for bed to ask for his dinner.

As I cleaned up after my dinner, I realized I hadn’t seen Elvis since breakfast. I immediately called out to him verbally and telepathically. In that moment, I felt intuitively that Elvis was not in the house or even outside of the house.

Telepathically, Elvis wasn’t responding. This was highly unusual because Elvis and I share a strong, loving bond with excellent telepathic communication. Plus, he’s a typical Siamese with a distinctive, loud meow. For Elvis to be non-communicative as well as MIA for his supper, something had to be terribly wrong.

I remembered Elvis’ cryptic message, which started to weigh heavily on my heart and mind. I had a sick feeling in my gut that I might not ever see my boy again. It was a scary thought that I couldn’t fathom at the time. I began looking for him.

When I tuned into my intuitive self, I felt strongly that Elvis was alive and possibly trapped somewhere nearby; perhaps in a garage, a couple of houses away.  It was the only logical explanation for him not returning home. Yet, without finding Elvis, I had no positive way to know his location.

Elvis and Mona Mare
At this point, it was about 4 am. It was too early to call for help so I decided to send Reiki in hopes it would help Elvis find his way home, dispelling any obstacles in his path. I continued sending Reiki throughout the ordeal, knowing Reiki could help Elvis in ways I never could.

At first light, I got the word out about Elvis’ disappearance. I texted family, friends and neighbors to let them know that Elvis was missing. Within a few short hours, my neighbors knew Elvis was missing.

I knew there are a number of things I needed to do quickly when an animal goes missing. Besides calling my family, friends and neighbors, I made posters that were immediately hung in the neighborhood, local veterinarian offices and pet hospitals. My neighbors looked in their homes, garages, backyards and around the general neighborhood numerous times. Still, there was no sign of my little Siamese.

A missing animal report was filed at the local animal shelter. Friends continued to monitor the shelter while he was missing. Thank goodness, he had a microchip, in case someone brought him to the animal shelter or animal hospital. His microchip gave me some peace of mind.

A neighbor posted Elvis’ disappearance on I posted Elvis’ disappearance on Fido Alert and My Facebook friends shared Elvis’ information and sent prayers. I believe in the power of prayers and have no doubt, that their prayers would help Elvis no matter where he was.

I never posted on Craig’s list feeling strongly that Elvis was not far away or was with another family. Elvis is a loving and affectionate cat with me, a true “Mama's boy.” Yet, he is a shy cat around people. My gut told me that Elvis was not with another family, which brought me back to the idea that he was trapped somewhere close by.

Me and Elvis
I reached out to two other Animal Communicators, including my Animal Communication mentor. Like me, they received similar information from Elvis, confirming that he was hunkered down somewhere close by and would be home, if he was able to extricate himself. He didn’t reveal his location to them, either.

Throughout the ordeal, Mona Marie spent a lot of time sitting on the master bedroom windowsill, staring at the house two doors away. I asked Mona if she knew where Elvis was. She said he was close by and that asked him to come home. Mona was incredibly supportive and loving, which I appreciated and needed.

After being gone for six long and horrific days, my Animal Communicator mentor felt Elvis might have transitioned, but didn’t know for sure, which I understood. The reason why it’s hard for Animal

Communicators to know if an animal is alive or dead is that animals (and humans, too) are Spirit that then animates a physical body. Communicating telepathically with an animal can feel virtually the same whether the animal is alive or not. Therefore, it’s impossible to know if an animal has died; the only sure way to know is to find the animal. Most Animal Communicators, like myself, don’t take on missing animal cases because of this aspect of telepathic communication.

While Elvis was missing, my emotions went up and down like the worst roller coaster ride
imaginable. Was he alive? Was he dead? Where is his body? Some moments, I was able to remain grounded, knowing that frantic energy can negatively impact a missing animal. Other times, I cried like a baby at the thought that I’d never see my boy again.

With each passing day, it seemed inconceivable that a fifteen year old cat could survive without
food and water for so long. The weather was hot and dry with several days reaching 100+ degree temperatures. My neighbors and I continued to search the neighborhood for Elvis. My friends, including my wonderful Facebook friends, whose ongoing support boosted my morale with their kind words and prayers.

By day eleven, I couldn’t look any more. I had to let go of knowing if Elvis was going to come home. I felt completely out of balance not knowing if he was alive or dead. One part of me needed to know what had happened and the other part wanted to trust in my intuition that he was trapped close by. I found the more desperate I felt, the more anxious I became. I had to let go of the outcome. My mind needed to take a break, to allow my heart and intuition to take over, once again.

I came to acceptance that Elvis is his own being with a mind of his own. If he needed to leave the house or his body, there was nothing I could do. Elvis' chose to go on a “walkabout.” If he was trapped, I prayed he'd be released. If he had transitioned, I hoped he left quickly and painlessly.

Although I let go of the outcome, I couldn’t let go of the possibility that Elvis might still come home. I continued to send Reiki and stay open for a miracle.

On Monday, twelve unimaginable days after Elvis went missing, I greeted the day as best as I
could. I leashed up Bodhi for our morning walk and exited out my front door, telling myself I
had to move forward with life without Elvis.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little Siamese kitty body running towards my neighbor's backyard. OMG! Is that Elvis? 

It was Elvis! At that moment, I became a believer in miracles!

"There Is No Place Like Home"

Once in the house, Elvis immediately climbed his cat tree and demanded food. Poor baby was
starving. Elvis then proceeded to wolf down three huge bowls of food and drank lots of water.
He then looked at up at me with his beautiful blue eyes and said, “There is no place like home!”

Where were you, Elvis? I asked. He said, “I was trapped behind boxes in the garage a couple
houses away. Once I got out from under the boxes, I had to wait for the garage door to open. Once it opened, I high-tailed it home and waited for you.”

Besides losing a couple of pounds, I noticed his claws had been worn down on all his paws,
indicating that he had tried very hard to get free. Otherwise, Elvis was in good spirits and grateful to be home. Me, too!

Mona on the other hand, was not pleased when she first saw Elvis. She hissed loudly at him
and said he smelled funny. She also reprimanded him for leaving the house and for being gone so long. It took her a few days to fully accept him again. This surprised me since they’ve known
each other since they were two months old.

I tried not to be upset with myself for Elvis’ disappearance which, in hindsight, was something I
had no control over. Elvis was determined to leave. There was nothing I could have done to
stop my Siamese friend from going on his “walkabout.” It seems like something was calling him to leave the house.

Me, Elvis and Bodhi
It was heartbreaking thinking that Elvis wanted to leave me and his body without being by his side. At one point, when I felt he may have transitioned, I felt devastated by his decision, it didn’t make sense to me. If it was his time to transition, I didn’t want him to be alone, I wanted to support him. But it wasn’t my choice to make. It was Elvis’.

I have a new appreciation for missing animals. In my experience, missing animals are rarely about the animal, but about how we respond when our beloved friends can’t be found. It’s easy to forget that animals have their own personal choices, spiritual paths and agendas that many times have nothing to do with the people they love.

I learned a lot about my amazing community both locally and virtually. My wonderful family,
friends, neighbors and Facebook friends supported me throughout the long ordeal and kept me
afloat when I felt like I was drowning in sadness.

One thing I know for sure is that we will never know what truly happened to Elvis on his walkabout.
For all I know, Elvis may have transitioned and was “called back” to his body to live out his life with me by some magical force in the Universe.

No matter what happened, I’m ecstatic that a miracle occurred and Elvis is home safe and sound.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Celebrating Pets' Birthdays and Gotcha Days

If you're anything like me, than you enjoy celebrating your pet's birthdays. I also like to celebrate "Gotcha Day," which is the day I brought my two cats, Mona Marie and Elvis, home from the animal shelter. Coincidently, Bodhi Bear came home on the exact same date as the cats, albeit 12 years later.

Every year, I let my animal family know how much I love them by celebrating these important milestones with them. Bodhi likes to celebrate with his friends. Mona and Elvis prefer low-key affairs with cat nip, special treats and ear scratches.

This year, I threw Bodhi Bear two parties to celebrate his 3rd Birthday because he has a lot friends. Bodhi invited some of his girlfriends to the first of two Birthday Parties: Sabrina Renee the Golden Retriever; Gigi and Ruby, the King Charles Cavaliers; and Greta and Tonksky, the German Shepherds. Bodhi is quite a popular pup with the ladies.

Pupcakes for Bodhi Bear and his Girlfriends

Sabrina Renee's mom baked these Pupcakes especially for Bodhi's 3rd Birthday party. As you can imagine, the pupcakes disappeared quickly. Now that I think about it, so did the cupcakes!

Bodhi's birthday party, part duex, happened the weekend after his actually birthday. He wanted to celebrate with his dear friends, Eli and Harvey. The 3 dogs together are affectionately known as "The Keesateers."

My friend, Sharon Hill, is an event planner ( who loves to throw birthday parties for her Golden Retrievers. First she threw parties for Abby, who is now In Spirit. Her current Golden, Sabrina Renee, recently celebrated her 10th Birthday in my backyard with a few close friends. Bodhi enjoyed having his friends around and eating cake. He especially enjoyed the "Hot Dog Drop!"

In this video, Sabrina Renee enjoys unwrapping her many gifts with a little help from her friends. Keep watching to see Sabrina's gifts. 

Sabrina shows off her gifts while Greta the Shepard eats a bone.
Elvis watches the birthday festivities from a safe distance

Join the party! In this video, Bodhi, Greta the Shepherd and Birthday Girl, Sabrina Renee enjoy eating birthday cake.

Do you celebrate your pet's birthdays or Gotcha days? If so, I'd love to hear what you like to do for your family.